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South Canterbury

Reflections of a snow capped mountain

Autumn Colour in the MacKenzie Basin

Autumn color burst.

Small lake beside Tekapo

Merino rams beside lake Tekapo

A storm at the head of Lake tekapo

Snow covered hills on the way to the local ski field

Autumn changing landscape in South CAnterbury


The road that leads to, and from Tekapo

Life is a highway (or a back country road)

Two names, one mountain Sun blasting through a toi toi

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  1. Makes my heart sing when I see these photographs. Used to spend holidays at Lake Alexandra many years ago, now live on Kawau Island, no roads, no cars and an enchanting place to live but the scenery cannot surpass the Mackenzie Country of New Zealand, wonderful

    • Hi Helen
      You live in a magical place also but I have to agree that the Mackenzie is literally stunning. Glad you enjoyed the photos! Come on down and see us…

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