Mark and Jan

Hey Jan there's the hand!

Hey Jan there’s the hand, Lake Wanaka

Well we have been at the lodge for three months now and just loving everything about it – the wonderful guests, the amazing scenery, the welcoming locals…

If this is work then show me leisure! Every day is like having friends staying, serving them beautifully prepared food, offering a comfortable room and chatting away about so many things. By the time our guests leave I need to hug them close. Sharing our lodge is more than a business, we are sharing our home. One of the greatest rewards is the feedback from guests where they truly appreciate the attention to detail. Our precious artworks and family silverware, the fresh flowers, the newly picked salad from our terrace garden… just what we would expect when we stay at a small private hotel.

One of our gorgeous guest couples, Mark and Jan from Texas, took many photos of the lodge and Mark has shared his album with me to post some of his images. Thanks so much Mark – my point and shoot photos leave a lot to be desired…

Llew Summers The Hand that Nutures

Lake Tekapo Lodge artwork

Llew Summers is a highly regarded Christchurch sculptor – I love his work and have several pieces on display in the lodge. One of my recent acquisitions is a clay slip miniature of the bronze “The Hand that Nutures” which is protectively sited on the Lake Wanaka waterfront. Mark and Jan were quite taken by the artwork and I had suggested they look out for the original bronze when passing through Wanaka. As Mark wrote to me he said “Hey Jan – there’s the hand!!” with photos to prove it. Good on you Mark!

So here are some of Mark and Jan’s images… enjoy.


Mark and Jan's room - the Tekapo

Mark and Jan’s room – the Tekapo




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  1. Nice blog, we are looking at our pictures and thinking were we really there or was it a dream?

    Back at work and getting ready for Christmas.

    Keep busy with your winter, I mean Summer season!

  2. Hi Stephanie
    I was taking a look through your site and just wanted to congratulate you on how you have presented it. Great use of visuals and no clutter, no wonder you are doing well. Keep it up!
    Andrew (TXNZ)

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