Tekapo Starlights

With the crisp cooler autumn weather and longer nights, stargazing in Tekapo has continued to be a main attraction. The Lodge is across the road from the local star gazing business, Earth and Sky and many of our guests experience this amazing tour to the top of Mt John to view the dark sky through telescopes and cameras.

Last week we had the pleasure of the company of Geof and Chris. Brits on an extended holiday they stayed with us three nights to ensure best opportunity for stargazing. Geof is a keen astronomer and fortunately managed to get some brilliant astrophotographic shots. He very kindly emailed me some of his images which are posted here.  They are taken with extended exposure to capture the depth of the night sky.

Tekapo night sky May 2013

Tekapo night sky May 2013

Fortunately for Geof, his guide Dallas mentioned at some ungodly hour of the morning last Wednesday (like 1.30am as they were pottering around on top of a mountain) that the strange glow to the south shouldn’t be there. They duly focused the camera and managed to photograph the Aurora Australis – that’s the funny green sky in the photo. Low cloud masked the curtains of light but Geof was thrilled to see the southern lights. He hasn’t seen the Northern Lights so here is a tip – travel halfway round the world and you may just be lucky enough to see this incredible natural phenomenon. Eat your heart out Joanna Lumley.

Thanks for the pix Geof and glad you could relax with dinner in front of the fire the final night – mission accomplished!

Tekapo Aurora Australis May 2013

4 thoughts on “Tekapo Starlights

  1. What beautiful pictures, it means I will have to come back again now and try to see it for myself…….

  2. We are now 2 days back in the UK and I am already SO missing those fantastic southern night skies and wonderful daytime vistas, not to mention your lovely lodge and superb hospitality. We will be back….!! Geof

    • Thanks Geof – glad you have seen the post. Got “your” room ready for you whenever you are! Had more snow last night but glorious blue skies today so we will be off hiking Mt John to take in the magnificent views. Lucky there is a cafe at the top!

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