Welcoming Committee….

32aJust in case you don’t have the immediate pleasure of our resounding “Kia Ora” upon arrival, guests may now be entertained by our new staff member posing at the front door.

There is good news and bad news.

The good news is that he is very low maintenance, demands few benefits and is always available to work on a public holiday.

33aThe bad news is that really, between us, he is a hopeless concierge. Lack of local knowledge may be understandable as he rarely ventures past the front door. However he ┬ánever answers his phone and will not/cannot chat comfortably with our guests. Don’t be offended if you get a blank stare from him – his eyes are permanently glazed… dreaming of rabbits?

He joined us from a fantastically creative artist based in the Wairarapa, Sean Crawford. We commissioned Sean to create this Border Collie as we are dog lovers and have always admired his work. We have named our new canine Sean MacFriday – Friday being James Mackenzie’s dog…


4 thoughts on “Welcoming Committee….

  1. Ha! Gorgeous! I’m sure he’ll prove to be a loyal companion – the inability to go wandering should ensure that. Can’t wait to meet him. x

  2. Just wanted to say what a great place you have and why didn’t you tell us you cooked, would much rather have tried out Alistair’s cooking than going into town. Would have loved to get a few pieces of your gorgeous art work in my case but I couldn’t even get my clothes in…………..is this how I sign up to your updates……?

    • Hmmmm…. clothes or art – that’s a tricky one! Yes, you are well and truly “signed up” now Jane! Dinner for 6 tonight – all having local Balmoral Estate merino backstrap – yum! Come back and we’ll offer you dinner (this is an old trick!).

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